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Dr. Roxzanne Amos specializes in preventive and cosmetic dentistry. From the treatment of complex dental problems to care that maintains current health, through dental care, you can regain the comfort, function and natural appearance you once had or continue to enjoy those benefits of good dental health for your lifetime. Together with your dental health care team, you can develop a custom plan to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Amos helps you look at your dental condition holistically and helps you develop a plan to solve your current problems and avoid future issues.

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Archive for June 2016

We put alot of thought into selecting the best dental materials for all our patients. We strive to provide those we care for with products that have proven to be the healthiest, most beautiful and longest lasting ones available on the market. This is especially true for the little mouths in our practice! I am proud to say we use this Ultradent PBA-FREE dental sealant material here for the prevention of tooth decay in our children and yours. You have enough to focus on to keep them safe and healthy as they grow, we have this one covered for you!