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Archive for January 2017

Even as I dentist I am surprised to know that dental caries or tooth decay is still the most common chronic disease of children in the US today. 
Yes, there are many factors that go into the development of tooth decay and dental caries, but the good news is, it is a 100 % preventable disease.  One preventive measure that we want to celebrate because it has dramatically reduced the amount of decay seen in children by 18-40 % over the last 70 years is community water Fluoridation.  The CDC and Prevention proclaims that community water Fluoridation is one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.  Now I know that there is a lot of information online and it is easy for people to get misinformation, or get data that has been misconstrued, but study after study over the last 70 years have consistently shown this is a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay in children and adults. Community water Fluoridation is nothing more than precise adjustment of existing naturally occurring FL levels in drinking water to the optimum FL level recommended by the US Public Health service for the prevention of tooth decay. This level is .7-.12 ppm and Virginia Beach city water is almost exactly at .7ppm. This tiny little bit of FL has HUGE positive effect on the oral health of both children and adults. 
Here at Bright Life Dentistry we would be happy to be a resource for you on Community Water Fluoridation or any other preventive dental health measure you are interested in because nothing make us smile more than knowing that dentistry and preventive dental measures improves the health of the people we are fortunate enough to serve every day.