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We know that healthy patients are happy patients.  That is why at Bright Life Dentistry, nothing brings us more joy than helping you achieve and maintain oral health.  In our Virginia Beach, Virginia practice, we specialize in preventive and cosmetic dentistry and offer a wide range of services that include everything from basic oral health care to the resolution of complex dental problems such as missing or crooked teeth, a bad bite, or TMJ problems. Our goal is to listen to your concerns and help you maintain or improve your current health, allowing you to experience comfort, ideal function, and a natural appearance that will be a big part of your health and happiness for the rest of your life.

We invite you to become one of our healthy patients. After a thorough evaluation of your unique concerns and condition, together you and Dr. Roxzanne Amos can develop a custom plan toward your best health ever.  Looking at your dental health condition holistically allows us to design a plan to conservatively solve your current problems and maintain oral health from now on. 

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How much do dental implants cost? 

That is one question we hear all the time in our practice.  While it is hard to determine the the exact cost without seeing you to determine your unique situation, the cost of a single dental implant is often similar to the cost of a three unit bridge to replace the missing tooth and it has the added benefit of being a one tooth solution for a one tooth problem.
 The dental implant will also be much easier for you to maintain on a daily basis as compared to a dental bridge which can save yoou money in the long run. We do our best to offer our patients affordable dental implants that will be long lasting because we have seen time and time again how much this type of restoration improves the lives of our patients who are missing teeth. 

We invite you to give us a call to schedule an appointment with Dr Amos to see if you are a candiate for a dental implant procedure and find out exactly how much dental implants are.