Invisalign® In Virginia Beach

Dr. Roxzanne Amos in Virginia Beach has been utilizing Invisalign® as a way to help her patients get the smile of their dreams for almost 10 years in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and greater Hampton Roads area. 

The great part is that during Invisalign® treatment, almost no one will know that you having orthodontic care like they would with traditional orthodontic treatment that often utilizes metal brackets and wires.  You also have the ability to not wear them for a couple of hours during a special engagement if you choose, but we find that most of our patients who were embarrassed about their smile, instantly feel more self-confident while they are wearing the clear aligners and actually WANT to wear the aligners to feel  great about their smiles. 

If you had braces as a child and your teeth have started to relapse, this process is ideal for you as we already know there is room for your teeth in your jaw. more and more of our patients are adult clients who wish to simply improve their smiles!

It is a simple process to get started in our office.  After a quick consult with you, we can estimate your treatment time and give you a better idea of the cost based on your unique situation. Once you are excited about the projected outcome and feel comfortable with the financial arrangements, you are just weeks away from getting started on your dream smile! 

Could you imagine that within weeks you could already have the "Smile Confidence"  you have been hoping to have for years as you begin your Invisalign treatment?  There has never been a better time to get started because the treatment time is now half of what it used to be and we have easy financing available that can work the cost of treatment into your monthly budget. 

To find out if YOU are a candidate to move your crowded or spaced out teeth with Invisalign,  it is as simple as a dental exam and some photos of your teeth.  The new Invisalign technology allows us to tell you while you are still in our office if you ARE a great candidate for Invisalign as well as the estimated treatment time. There are times when Invisalign® is not able to produce the outcome patients are looking for and a referral to one of our highly skilled orthodontics would be in your best interest if that is the case. (This is usually for patients with severe skeletal discrepancies between their jaws or severe open bite situations.)

There are other times, more care will be required in addition to Invisalign® treatment and once we spend the time to understand what is important to you for the look of your smile, we can help you know what is available to you to have the smile you have always wanted. Looks are not the only reason to align your teeth -research shows that over time, it is much easier to maintain dental health with teeth that are aligned. 

Beside the treatment time, the next thing our patients want to know about is the cost of Invisalign® treatment.  This process is about the same cost as traditional metal braces without all the hassle of wearing all the metal wires and brackets!

We want to make it easy for you, so most of our patients say that for less than a car payment or about the monthly household cost of an internet/ TV/ phone bundle, you can get the smile you have always wanted with Invisalign® through our available financing. We are also experts in maximizing your dental benefits if you have orthodontic coverage. 

CALL TODAY for a FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign®!  757-486-7100.